Sections of the Library

Circulation Section

The circulation section being public service point has been established near the main entrance on the Ground Floor of the library. This section provides smart library cards to all the bonafide students of the College through which the students are able to avail the library services. It facilitates lending services and facilities for return of loaned items as per the prescribed rules. This section performs various functions, viz., Registration of new members, lending of books, reminders for overdue books, renewal of membership cards, records and files, statistics and inter library loans etc. The books are issued with the help of Barcode Scanner. Browne Charging System has been adopted and the students are provided with the ticket system for issue of books. For the staff and the faculty members Newark Charging System has been adopted under which they are provided with the Passbooks. Since July 2005 most of these functions are done on computers in addition to the same being done manually.

Periodicals Section

Periodicals Section houses Multi faculty Journals, knowledge based and general magazines, newspapers in various languages form the part of the Periodical Section of the Library. This section provides up to date research information and recreation material to the end users. The college library subscribes to 41 Journals, 20 Magazines and 16 dailies on regular basis. Here, readers have access to wide range of magazines, newspapers and topics of relevant interest. The Older periodicals undergo the process of binding for archiving and preservation to prevent them from tearing apart and then putting them on the shelves as well as opening its reading rooms for researchers. Currently, the library has 340 volume of bound journals.

Newspaper clipping file is also being prepared and maintained related to college achievements, related to admissions, college vacancies, laurels in sports etc. Current issues of journals / magazines are being displayed in the pigeon rack.    

Digital Corner

To keep rhythm with the latest Information and Communication Technology, Digital Corner is established in the main library. The Digital Corner is equipped with latest configured computer systems along with the Internet facility for our esteemed faculty. College students can also avail the Internet facility through Wi-Fi. This section also maintains a considerable number of CD’s/DVD’s of ebooks for the end users. The users can also access the DELNET and N-List databases, e-journals and other open access resources from this section.

Technical Section

Technical Processing Section plays a key role to the library. It makes a bridge between the acquisition of documents and the circulation. This Section is located at the basement of the main library and is responsible for receiving, processing, labeling and availing all library information materials to other sections. The section is also charged with automating the library collections and maintaining an efficient Open Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) System. The major activities of this section are Classification of books following DDC latest edition (presently using 22nd ed.); Cataloguing of books in SLIM21 software; Preparing / Update Database using SLIM21 software; Generating Bar-Code using SLIM21 software; Stamping and labeling barcode, spine-label; Generate list of new arrival of books which includes bibliographic details; Put hardcopy of new arrivals into display board (weekly) and send all books for Circulation to the users (weekly).

Stack Area

The stack area is located in the basement section of the library. Being well stocked, it houses books of various disciplines. It is open ended and versatile to hold the incoming information. It is updated on regular basis. Special area has been designated for the stacking of books related to Post Graduate Courses in the college. 

Binding Section

The binding section is functional in the basement of the library. The Book Binder repairs the damaged books as and when needed. Moreover, the old journal issues are also get binded in this section which are then kept as a Bound Volumes of Journals in a sperate section.

Reading Area

A reading area with the seating capacity of approximately 52 readers is there in the library.

Property Counter

Property Counter Rack is placed at the entrance of the library. Here, the end users are supposed to keep their personal belongings like bags before entering the Library. Moreover, the safety of the Library books a major concern with the library, therefore, the Gate check system has been adopted subjecting the users for a proper check before leaving the library itself.