Objectives of the College

The College since its inception has suitably adapted itself to the changing educational set up. Its aim is to provide an environment in which the students can excel in all domains such as academics, intellectual, spiritual and physical. The lofty goals and laudable objectives of this College address to quality education, gainful employment, equal opportunities and access to latest development in the fields of knowledge and technology.

Following objectives have been devised to impart quality education to the students:

  1. To promote and maintain academic excellence by adopting academic programmes that ensure quality education.
  2. To use innovative techniques and professional skills for making the curriculum more relevant and interactive
  3. To develop profound level of critical and analytical thinking among students by exploring problems.
  4. To ensure holistic growth of the students by providing them equal opportunities to develop administrative and leadership qualities.
  5. To impart an educational philosophy to students which synthesizes a modern scientific approach with an appreciation of their culture, tradition and religion.
  6. To foster realization of social responsibility among students by encouraging them to join various clubs, societies and associations to instill them with secular zeal.
  7. To encourage high quality research among students and faculty leading to creation and dissemination of knowledge so as to cater to needs of society and industry.
  8. To produce sportspersons with global competence.