NCC Army Wing

The College is extremely proud of its NCC Army Wing. A total of 140 cadets were enrolled in the Army Wing in this session.  A brief report of NCC Army Wing activities is as below :

National Integration Camp (NIC) : Cadet Kartik Sharma, Cadet Hardeep Singh and Cadet Prince Rana participated in the NIC held at Amritsar from Jun 04-15, 2018.Cadet Prince Rana won Silver Medal in Basketball (Group Event). Both Cadet Prince Rana and Cadet  Hardeep Singh bagged Silver Medal in Drill.

Annual Training Camp (ATC) : A 10 day ATC was held at NCC Academy, Ropar from Jul 02-11, 2018 in which 48 Cadets participated. Among various events, our College bagged 2nd position in Tug of War and Drill Competition. Cadet Biswas Negi was selected the Best Cadet. Our College secured overall 2nd position.

All India Trekking Camp : Adventure Training provides knowledge to Cadets of the topography, experience of different weather conditions and adventurous living under camp conditions. All India Trekking Camp was held at Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh from Oct 21-28, 2018. Cadet Ramashish Yadav and Cadet Aniket Yadav participated in the Camp.

Combined Annual Training Camp (CATC) : 13 Cadets participated in the CATC held at NCC Academy, Ropar from Oct 22-31, 2018.

Army Attachment Camp : Army Attachment Camps help cadets to experience the functioning of military units and life in armed force units. Army Attachment Camp was held at Chandimandir from Nov 12-21, 2018. Cadet Ranjan Kumar, Cadet Shubham, Cadet Ankush Kumar, Cadet Vipin Kumar, Cadet Neeraj Kumar, Cadet Akash Dahiya, Cadet Aniket Sharma and Cadet Sonu Kumar participated in the Camp under 8th Sikh Regiment.

Directorate Combined Annual Training Camp (DCATC) : 13 Cadets participated in DCATC held at NCC Academy, Ropar from Nov 12 - 24, 2018.

Thal Sainik Camp (TSC) : Thal Sainik Camps are prestigious Camps held at National Level. Cadet Sagar Chauhan and Cadet Himanshu Goswami were selected for Pre-TSC-I held at NCC Academy, Ropar from Jul 28-Aug 6, 2018 based on the performance at the Base Camp in Chandigarh. Outstanding performance of Cadet Sagar Chauhan and Cadet Himanshu Goswami facilitated their selection for Pre-TSC-II held from Aug 28-Sep 06, 2018 and Pre-TSC-III held from Sep 07-16, 2018 at the same location, respectively. Finally they were selected in a 33 member PHHP & C Directorate team to join All India Thal Sainik Camp (AITSC) held from Sep 17-28, 2018 at Garrison Parade Ground, Delhi Cantonment. The Directorate Team bagged overall 3rd Position in AITSC.

Pre-Republic Day Camp: Cadet Aayush Soni participated in PRE-RDC-1held at NCC Academy, Ropar from Nov 21- Dec 01, 2018.

Service Selection Board Camp (SSB Camp): UO Sagar Chauhan, Sgt Vishwapratap Singh Naruka, Cadet Hardeep Singh, Cadet Vaibhav Pradhan and Cadet Biswas Negi took part in SSB Camp held at NCC Academy, Ropar from Jan 20-29, 2019.

NCC Naval Wing

NCC Naval Wing of the college enrolled 35 cadets in this session. Achievements and activities of the Wing are as follows:

·           17 cadets attended Annual Training Camp held at NCC Academy Ropar from Aug 07- 16, 2018. Cadet  Naveen got Silver Medal in Rigging.

·           Cadet Captain Vikram Thakur attended Ek Bharat Shresht Bharat 2 from Jan 07-18, 2019 at Guntur  (AP) and won a Gold Medal in cultural activity.

·           Cadet Abhishek Rana attended Ek Bharat Shresht Bharat II from Jan 08-19, 2019 held at Ropar and won trophy in Drill.

·           Cadets Amit Singh and Pervinder Singh attended Ship Attachment Camp from Dec 18 -29, 2018 held at Mumbai.

·           Cadet Amit Singh attended DNTC 1 at NCC Academy, Ropar, Cadets Naveen and Pervinder attended DNTC 1 & II.

·           Cadet Shubam Rohila attended the DNTC I, II  and III, and brought laurels to the Institution by representing his NCC Directorate at the Annual NCC Republic Day Camp and the Prime Minister's Rally held at New Delhi, Jan 01-29, 2019. He won Silver Medal in Drill. He was also selected for the Youth Exchange Programme Competition.

·           Cadet Sandeep Kumar Jaiswal attended Rock  Climbing Training Camp, Sep 21-26, 2018 at Uttrakhand.

·           Cadet Sunil Kumar attended Basic Leadership  Camp, Nov 09-20, 2018 held at Malout, Punjab and won a Gold Medal in leadership.

·           Cadet Kumari Sonam of our College has been enrolled in NCC Naval Wing in GGSCW 26. She attended  Annual Training Camp, Aug 07-16, 2018 and DNTC I, June 12-21, 2018. She brought laurels to the Institution by attending Republic day Camp  and Jan 01-29, 2019, held at New Delhi and also took part in  RD Marching Contingent. 

National Service Scheme (NSS)

The College has 03 NSS Units comprising 500 volunteers who participated with great enthusiasm in several activities throughout the year. The same is done with a purpose of generating a sense of social responsibility.  A brief report of NSS activities conducted by the NSS Unit of the College is as follows :

7 Day Special NSS Camp NSS Units of the College organised a 7 Day Special NSS Camp themed Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and Environment Protection from Jan 08-14, 2019. A total of 160 volunteers (150 students and 10 non-students) attended this Camp.

Day 1:  Mr Bikram Rana, State Liaison Officer inaugurated the Camp and had an interactive session with the students. Volunteers carried out Cleanliness Drive with discipline and dedication in the campus.

Day 2: A meditation session was followed by a lecture on Diet and Nutrition in Health and Disease by Mrs Namrata Sethi (Govt Home Science College, Sec 10 Chandigarh). Various issues of food industry, including food adulteration and their direct impact on human health were discussed. Volunteers participated in the Best Out of  Waste Activity judged by Dr Parminder Walia and Dr Rashmi. 

Day 3: After meditation, an interactive discussion on the theme India of Your Dreams was held. Old volunteers shared their experiences of previous camps attended in different regions of the country. A Guest Lecture on Road Safety and Traffic Rules was also organised. Mr Rajeev Sharma and the Senior Head Constable, Mr Ashok Kumar from Chandigarh Traffic Police Department were the Chief Guests. Physical activities including Volleyball for boys and Relay Race for girls were also organised.

Day 4: The volunteers conducted a survey in Kaimbwala village on the theme Employability Skills Among Women of Kaimbwala. A rally was carried out in the village spreading awareness about the Cleanliness and Health of the country. Volunteers had an interactive session on life skills with Mrs Sumeet Kaur from Prasanchetas Foundation, NGO Chandigarh.

Day 5: Mr Paramjeet Singh and Mr Balbir Singh from Regional Centre of Entrepreneurial Development, Sec 35 Chandigarh spoke on the topic Employability Skills among Students on the fifth day, which happened to be the National Youth Day. Volunteers also participated in a Panel Discussion where they expressed their views on the country's growth from a developing to a developed one. The volunteers spent two hours in the Chandi Kusht Ashram and donated clothes and fruits to them. This provided them with an insight to human values and societal issues.

Day 6: Prayer Offering to the Almighty was followed by session reviews presented by the participants. Senior volunteers made presentations of their camp experience with pictures and video clips. Panel Discussion on the topic Youth and Nation Building was also conducted by Mr Tejinder Pal Singh. The volunteers later gathered to celebrate Lohri in the Campus.

Day 7: Cultural events marked the finale . The volunteers presented traditional and folk songs ; dances ;  recited patriotic poems and presented various traditional acts of different states. This was followed by the valedictory function where S Gurdev Singh Brar IAS (retd), President SES and Col (retd) Jasmer Singh Bala, Secretary SES honoured and appreciated the volunteers for their active participation in various competitions organised during the course of the Camp.