Financial Aid – Concessions, Aids, Scholarships and Stipends

 To support the students in need, numerous scholarships under various schemes by Govt. of India, Govt. of Haryana, Chandigarh Administration, Panjab University and a few NGOs are given to the college students. Some of these categories are Scholarships for SC/ST/OBC/EBC, Minority students, Single Girl Child, Students belonging to Non-Hindi Speaking area, AIDS/Cancer Patients, Disabled/Blind Students. For Meritorious Students, 21 scholarships under UT Merit Scholarship Scheme and 86 scholarships under Govt. National Scholarship Scheme are available. 

Besides this, all blind students of the college are exempted from payment of tuition fees and admission fees in all the examinations. Fee concession is given to all the candidates who attain first three positions in the University/Board examinations.

1. Concessions are not available for self-financing courses.

2. Concession for General Category Students

i. Half Tuition Fee concession is given to 10% of admitted students  on basis of economic conditions.

ii. Brother/sister concession: Students whose elder brother/sister is paying full fee in the College will be granted half tuition fee concession. The student must apply within 15 days of the admission.

iii. Fee concession is given to all candidates who attain the first three positions in the Board/University Examinations.

iv. Half fee concessions and stipends are granted to deserving-scholars and sportsmen.

3. Concession for Blind Students All blind candidates shall be exempted from payment of tuition fees and admission fees in all the examinations.

4. Scholarships/Stipend for SC/ST/OBC/Minority Students

i. The objective of the scheme is to provide financial assistance to the SC/ST/OBC/Minority Students studying at post-matriculate or post-secondary stage to enable them to complete their education.

ii. These scholarships are available for students in India only and are awarded by the Government of the State/Union Territory to which the applicant actually belongs, i.e. permanently settled.

iii. Such students are given stipend as per rules and regulations. All those students are eligible; the income of whose parents is very low.

iv.  The SC/ST students are given free books and stationary by Education Department Chandigarh (For Arts INR 250, For Commerce INR 250, and For Science INR 350). To avail this stipend a student is required to submit the following:

a) Certificate from 1st class Magistrate or from any other competent authority, testifying caste.

b) Income certificate of parents from all sources; if employed from employer and others from SDM (Civil) or any other competent authority.

5. Scholarships for Non-Hindi Speaking under the Govt. of India Scheme, scholarships are sanctioned to students from non-Hindi speaking states for Post-Matric Studies in Hindi. Five Scholarships are given by UT Chandigarh: INR 500 per month for BA/ BSc/ BCom (I/II/III) and INR 1000 per month for MA (I/II).

6. Scholarships for Meritorious Students under the Govt. of India National Scholarship Schemes and UT State Merit Scholarship Scheme, deserving students are given scholarship @ INR 100 per month.

i. 21 scholarships under UT Merit Scholarship Scheme.

ii. 86 scholarships under Govt. National Scholarship Scheme.

7. Scholarships will be awarded to students by office of Dean College Development Council, PU Chandigarh in these categories: (i) Means Cum Merit (ii) Sports (iii) Single Girl Child (iv) Physically Disabled (v) Aids/Cancer Patient. Further information available at:

8. Financial Aid to Poor/Needy/Economically Weaker Students- If parents' income is very low then financial aid is given out of Students Aid Fund.

9. Students Aid Fund and Red Cross Fund has been created to help deserving and poor students.

i. A committee consisting of the Principal, Professor In-charge of the Fund and a representative of the students will scrutinize all the applications put up for grant of this aid.

ii. Lump-sum aid is granted to students to: (a) pay college dues; (b) hostel expenses; (c) purchase of books; and (d) meet other necessary expenditures.

10. Other Scholarships / Stipends / Awards:

i. Post matriculate scholarships for SC/ST students.

ii. State merit scholarship DPI (C) Punjab.

iii. Award of Chandigarh (UT) Govt. Merit scholarship.

11. Additional Scholarship to deserving students of the College- 10 scholarships of INR 10,000 each have been instituted in the memory of Sardar Gurcharan Singh Tohra to the students who excel in the field of Academic, Sports, Cultural Activities, Social Service and Religious Activities.

12. How and when to apply for Fee Concession/ Stipends/ Aids/ Scholarship

i. Applications for Scholarships are considered throughout the year by the Government. Students of Scheduled Castes and other backward classes  will get application forms for Govt. of India/State Govt. Scholarship from the college office and will have to submit these duly completed within one week from the date of admission.

ii. Application form for concession can be obtained from the Administrative office. Completed application should be submitted as per notification by the College.

iii. All the applicants for fee concession will be interviewed by the fee concession committee on the date notified by the Principal.

iv. Fee concession, stipend, scholarship, etc will be withdrawn in case the student neglects studies, remains irregular in attendance or is found guilty of mis behaviour.

v. In case of a student enjoying any concession migrates or leaves the College for any reason in the mid-session he/she shall have to pay the entire amount credited/ paid to him by way of any concession/ stipend/ scholarship.

Scholarship under various schemes by Government of India, State Governments, Panjab University, Hindustan Petroleum and from some NGOs are given to the College students.  These schemes fall under the categories of Scholarships for SC/ST/OBC/EBC, Minority Communities, Transgender, Single Girl Child, AIDS/Cancer Patients, and Disabled/Blind Students. Some scholarship schemes are also available for Meritorious Students. During the session 2018-19, an amount of ` 5,31,877 was given to 39 students under various schemes. Also, an amount of ` 21,13,000 has been disbursed by the College to the outstanding sports persons.

A total of `39,71,790 was granted to 310 students during session 2018-19 as per Fee Concession Policy.