Examination Rules

Rules for Mid Semester Examinations

1. College will conduct one mandatory House Test in each semester in theory papers, one in the month of September and the other in February. There will be one paper on each subject of one hour duration.

2. The Internal Assessment of students will be based on these House Tests as per PU guidelines.

3. If absent from the house tests:

a) Absence from these examinations on any ground will be treated as failure with nil marks.

b) Students absenting themselves from the House Tests without leave will be fined as per rules.

 4. The students caught using unfair means during house tests will be ineligible for taking semester examinations.

5. Use of Mobiles is banned during exams and a fine of INR 500/- will be imposed if found guilty.

Rules for Eligibility to appear in University Exams

1. A candidate will have to attend 75% of the full course of lectures, tutorials, seminars and practical (if applicable) arranged for the class in each subject offered (to be counted from last date of admission up to the date when classes break-up for preparatory holidays).

2. A candidate has to obtain 25% marks in the aggregate of all subjects in the two House Tests.

3. A candidate has to obtain minimum marks as per latest PU Chandigarh rules in discretionary test, if held.

4. The onus of timely submission of the University Examination Form along with the required examination fee with the college office shall be on the student.